Container gardening is a great alternative to full-sized outdoor gardening for those who think gardening is beyond their reach. When you begin this project, your first container is most likely going to be a simple flower in a pot, possibly. As you gain experience, you can start to expand to larger containers that have multiple plants in them. Before you know it, you will be on your way to a rewarding, enjoyable container gardening experience.

Soil Quality

One component of gardening that most professional gardeners are concerned with, and for good reason, is the quality of their soil. Your container garden will do very well as long as you add quality prepared soil to the container prior to planting. By taking a trip to the local nursery, they can sell you a quality potting mix that can be added to your container garden prior to planting. Since you’ll be buying your soil, you can choose the kind that has the right nutrients and pH balance for whatever you want to grow. If you are a novice or an expert gardener, always ask the advice of the person at the nursery as to what seems to work best for them.

Container Gardening

You may consider a great container garden that is located inside. Container gardening would be perfect for folks who have very little outside living space or have an overabundant home with lots of room. A patio or balcony will suffice as well for your outside plants; however, you can put plants indoors and they will still flourish.

Artificial light will be required if your plants are not situated in a spot where they can receive natural light. Herbs tend to flourish inside; you also have all of your fresh herbs at your fingertips when you need them. The same is true for vegetables you want to use in salads, such as lettuce, cucumbers or cherry tomatoes.

Container Types

You will have the ability of using container gardening as a type of creative expression by way of the containers you choose. It does not matter to your plants what type of container you put them in; as long as they have plenty of room to grow and have a decent drainage system. The area in which you have to work with will most likely determine what type of container you will end up using.

You will be amazed when you start thinking about what you could put some dirt in and grow something; for instance, an old wheelbarrow, an old shoe or maybe some sort of basket. You will be looking for just the right containers before you realize it; in every place you can think of. Your container garden in somewhat of a reflection of you; so leave no stone unturned and make a statement with your containers.

There are a lot of people wanting to cultivate their own gardens, with their own veggies and herbs; this means that container gardening will be more prevalent than ever. A lot of folks would love to have a great big garden and harvest their own veggies; however, few of us have the means for either. Given the fact that a container garden, like any garden, takes time and energy; it does not take as much as the demanding full-sized garden.